Substack has been very beneficial for writers, but for readers…not so much!

There are a few reasons:

1. It's difficult to discover new things to read.

Notes has made it much easier to discover relevant newsletters, but it has also become yet another place to be overwhelmed by too much information.

2. My inbox is getting out of hand.

Look how clean it usually is.

That's what I usually strive to make my inbox look like—no unread emails. Maybe I'm a bit neurotic, but having too many emails arrive all the time is annoying and demanding.

3. Paying everyone can be a challenge.

It can be expensive to pay 5–10 writers. Paying only for one place that always sends interesting articles would be much better.

4. Sometimes you love someone's writing but not his whole newsletter.

Although I'm all about supporting writers, sometimes you want to shop around a little before committing and subscribing.

How will The Substacker fix this?

As a reader here on Substack, I would love to receive a weekly breakdown of what is going on on Substack. Since I have read this complaint many times from readers, I thought I could fix it myself instead of waiting for a solution.

I know Substack Reads already exists, but I fear they don't give much room to less well-known indie authors. Also, as I said in my other Substack,

there's no such thing as too many recommendations!

So, subscribe to get full access to the newsletter and website and receive a weekly magazine with great authors and articles from Substack. Never miss an update.

You won’t have to worry about missing anything. Every new edition of the newsletter goes directly to your inbox.

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Luiza B. Campos

Are you always searching for the next thing to watch or read? Do you feel overwhelmed by all the streaming platforms? Or can't find good things on Substack? I'm your new pop-lover online friend with week-ish recommendations directly to your email!